June 2022


  Wanted to provide everyone an update on what is next for our group.

We had a great presentation by AES on their move to RISE for ISU operations in March.   We have NTUA scheduled on July 14th to talk about their S/4 implementation, and we are planning our August presentation which will be dedicated to RISE and IaaS implementations done so far for S/4 implementations throughout our community.    If you have questions or ideas of items that you need to know about RISE, please send us your questions and we can update our FAQ on RISE to share with the community at the August meeting.

Also wanted to let you know if you are an OpenText customers for either Documentum or Content Server or Exstream/CCM, we have started back up our Utilities OpenText calls.  You can register here for the upcoming call next week where we will cover both roadmaps for both products and how they integrate with SAP S/4. https://resources.opentext.com/Utility-UG



Links to previous newsletters are here https://utility.community/



  For those of you that missed it, please see below the great presentation from AES Corporation about their S/4 implementation planning using RISE for their ISU implementation.   Recording and presentation are below.   We have an exciting year of presentations lined up and look forward to learning from you by having you share your stories with our utilities community.  If you are not getting the newsletter updates, please see previous issues here.   If you would like to present your S/4 story please let us know.

Thank you.