March 2023


   Please see below our 1st Qtr 2023 SAP Utilities Community Newsletter.   Last one was November/December 2022 which you can review here   We are working to upgrade our newsletter process by partnering with ASUG to allow them to help manage the newsletter process and management of the distribution list.   This process will start sometime this year.   ASUG has agreed to make our newsletter available to everyone in our community with or without ASUG membership, similar to the way they currently manage their First FIve  Please let me know if you have any questions.



Meter to Cash – Events and Updates 

ASUG Event – March 17th, 2023 at 8:00 am PDT 

Puget Sound Energy will share their SAP CIS and external DR application integrations for managing the demand side.   Their combination of AMI, SAP CIS, and leading DR solutions integrated into a complete solution for their virtual Power Plant.

OpenText Community Event – Customer Correspondence Management – March 20th 9:00 am PDT Many utilities are using StreamServe aka Exstream aka OpenText CCM for both invoicing and customer correspondence.  This is the next meeting with the product team to discuss the product.

SAP Utility Community Event – CX – March 22nd – 9:30 am PDT

SCE is leading a group of 17 other utilities and SAP in a quarterly workshop.  This includes customers who have or are implementing the CX solution for CSRs within the SAP S/4 CIS solution.  In addition, the new Service Cloud 2.0 aka Intelligent Service Cloud will also be discussed.  Utilities are innovating with BTP available through to add functionality to the SaaS delivered CX solution for the call center.   If you have a CX project and are not already attending, please let me know.

SAP Utility Community – CE  

Atomos Energy and NTUA are working to pull together our group of 7 utilities that are actively using CE solution for the CSR within the SAP S/4 CIS solution.  This group will be meeting with SAP product manager for CE to provide input.

SAP Utility Community – Legacy customers 

We have a group of utilities that are still on CIC0 within ECC or CRM with ECC, or some CRM with S/4 that are actively evaluating both CX and CE paths and making decisions which path to follow in conjunction with their moves to S/4.  After the April European conference we will be hosting a SAP utility community presentation to help customers make informed decisions.

S/4 Roadmap for Utilities –  Service Order 

This Quarter release for 2023 including new enhancements for Service Orders for S/4 customers.  See Roadmap for Utilities for details.;INNO=40F2E9281A631EDAA3D7F9FDAC99C0F7

AMI to SAP CIS integration – MDUS supported on BTP 

Multiple external meter data management vendors support the standard SAP integration for AMI.    This interface works on both PI/PO as well as the new BTP.   Each of these external vendors are now meeting with their customers to discuss the transition.  Siemens Energy IP discussion is scheduled for March 23rd.  Itron and L&G are TBD. All | SAP S/4HANA Package for Utilities | SAP API Business Hub.

Smart Energy Water Events 

We have a group of SEW utilities lead by Sempra which is collaborating with SEW on product roadmap and features.  If you are not part of the group and would like to be, please let me know.  In addition, SEW is running a series of meetings in March and April.  See below.

Enterprise Asset Management – Events and Updates 

SAP Utility Community Event – FSM/SAP Service & Asset Management (SSAM)- May 3rd – 7:30 am PDT

We have customer stories from Liberty Utilities which is live with Asset Manager and has rolled out the solution to multiple utilities they operate for gas, water, and electric with Asset Manager.   Hope Gas is moving forward with their FSM implementation.

There are multiple active FSM projects and Asset Manager projects.   These sub-groups are all collaborating together in groups with SAP product management to share experience and learn from each other.  Come be part of our discussion for the SAP solutions around Dispatch/Scheduling/Mobile.

Invite has already gone out for this May 3rd meeting, if you would like to attend, please let me know and we can add you to the FSM/SSAM distribution list.

Customer Influence for SAP Service & Asset Management (SSAM)- – Register soon.

This is your opportunity to work with multiple industries to influence the Mobility product line.



S/4 and RISE – Events and Updates 

SAP Utility Community – Future Event 

In our continual line of sharing S/4 stories, we have multiple S/4 and RISE projects in flight and recent go lives.   London Hydro has agreed to share their journey to a green field IaaS S/4 implementation in the coming months.

Customer Connection for Utilities – Across all products 

SAP delivered Customer Connection for 2022.  Customer Connection is merging into a new Continual Influence process this year.   Please read up on this valuable service we get as part of our maintenance investment by both reviewing the 2022 delivery of enhancements and the new “Continual Influence” program. 

Scroll down to read about “Continual Influence” transition from the existing process.  

Conference events 

SAP 4 U: Share your story this October in Chicago –  Open call for papers until April 3rd.

Europe April:

Orlando May:

Chicago October:

Other events: 

March 21st – ASUG is hosting a task force on SAP Analytics Cloud Unified Story:

March 31st – Fairfax Water is hosting the ASUG Mid Atlantic Chapter meeting, along with a SAP Code Jam on Modern ABAP Development