October 2022


  For those of you that attended SAP 4 Utilities last month, we hope you made lots of great connections and learned more about your SAP journey from the community.   I know I saw lots of great presentation, reconnected with many friends and brought back lots of ideas for what is next.   Just a quick note about other opportunities for the rest of the year.  We are working to continue our S/4 Utility Community presentations in December, but have not confirmed the dates of our planned speaker, so stay tuned for that invite in 4th Qtr.   Lots of other 4th Qtr presentations are planned and we will be sure to get out invites ASAP.  Please register for the SAP Utilities Vision and Strategy as well as the ASUG Think Tank presentation now, listen to the Podcast, and invites will be out soon for everything else.

SAP Utilities Vision and Strategy with Daniela Sellmann, Global VP of the SAP Utilities Business Unit and Kim Maren Ekrutt, Head of Innovation & Sustainability IBU Utilities

Utilities companies need a secure path to the cloud that combines efficiency and cost savings with functional completeness and innovation for new business models.  Discuss SAP’s vision and strategy to meet utilities’ business needs and achieve their sustainability goals.

Scheduled for October 17 – 7:30 am PDT

Click this Link to register.


ASUG Think Tank/Taskforce of 2022 on November 21st 11:30am PST  – https://www.asug.com/events/utilities-taskforce-impacts-your-s-4-decisions-have-on-customer-service-options

Kristina McClenahan from Puget Sound Energy will host Alejandroj Reyes from AES  who will present their go live on S/4 with RISE on Google Cloud Platform for 3 main frame CIS conversions.


SAP Utilities – Follow up to August 24th RISE Presentation

Scheduled 4th Qtr  we will have SAP cover the answers to August 24th SAP Communities Meeting Q&A in detail and allow us to ask follow up questions.   Summit Utilities is going live in 4th Qtr with RISE as well as other utilities announcing their direction.  We will also have a follow up on Utility Core which is value added option on top of RISE.   We will also cover additional features of RISE, for example  Signavio Started Pack with prebuilt utility content.  Invites will go out to everyone on the newsletter once scheduled.


Mobility Update with SAP Product Managers 

Scheduled 4th Qtr  – Roadmap updates for Work Manager/Asset Manager with support through 2027– Invites will go out to those who have previously participated in our mobility group, if you have not, please let us know and we will get you connected.


Business Suite on HANA Utilities Focus Group – 11 utilities all on BSoH moving to S/4 collaboration of issues.

Scheduled in October to cover specific questions about our migration business cases and how being an early adopter on HANA will help make the move to S/4 easier.


SEW User group

October 19th, the SEW User Group run by Sempra will present the groups enhancement requests to SEW & SAP .   The group has been meeting monthly to pull together all the SEW customer user requests into a consolidated list.   If you are an existing SEW customers and not part of the group, please reach out and we will get you connected.

Listen offline to SAP Utility Podcast :   Episode 120: A New Energy – How Utilities Companies are Pivoting with SAP – Daniela Sellmann – SAP Experts Podcast (opensap.info)

The world of energy generation and consumption is changing drastically. Utilities are faced with incredible challenges in providing sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy for their customers – across all market roles.Guest: Daniela Sellmann: Global VP & Head of Industry Business Unit Utilities at SAP Host: Jonathan Fogarty – Industry Advisor – Utilities – ANZ Hello and welcome to the SAP Experts Podcast, my name is Jonathan Fogarty and I am absolutely delighted to be hosting another episode! The world of energy generation and consumption is changing drastically. Utilities are faced with incredible challenges in providing sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy for their customers – across all market roles. Today we are going to talk about the challenges utilities face due to disruption in global supply chains, the increasing demand from customers to be able to generate and store their own power, and the need to provide green, reliable alternatives to the long-established fossil fuels of the past, and how SAP is supporting them in this transition now and in the future. Joining me to help make sense of it all is Daniela Sellmann: Global Vice President Industry Business Unit – Utilities, for SAP. You’re listening to SAP Experts Podcast. Follow Daniela: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielasellmann/ Follow Jonathan: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanfogarty/ Please like, share and subscribe! Give us feedback or provide us your questions at akshi.mohla@sap.com. Link to subscribe to the SAP Utilities Newsletter: https://www.sap.com/cmp/nl/sap-for-utilities-headline-news/index.html

Again,  I hope everyone is working to network and stay connected to support each other as we manage the ever increasing pace of change in our SAP Utility Community.