December 2022


We shared an update last with you on October 8th.  Lots of new activities happening here in November and December, so just a quick update.



  Sempra Utilities – Proactive Customer Communication using SAP Forecasted Pricing on Rate Increases (a Utility Community Success Story):    Invite will go out this week to everyone as this success is a community success.  Please join us with both Sempra Utilities and SAP presenting the solution that 12 utilities voted on using  and SAP delivered  to the core ISU solution around Bill Simulation.


Con Ntalianis from SAP will reprise the demo done at SAP 4 Utilities this year showcasing the enhancement with every customer, every rate, for an entire year being generated.  Sempra will share their use cases for this new feature including Regulatory mailers, customer inquiries, customer segment bill impacts, etc.  Most recently, they are getting ready to deploy a version that can take forecasted pricing to calculate bill impacts (e.g.  price change coming in Jan. 2023 can be modeled to proactively let customers’ know their forecasted bill impacts).   This is great functionality is now part of our ISU solution that all ISU customers own and can take advantage of.




SAP Utilities – Follow up to August 24th RISE Presentation :  The answers are here.  We had a Q&A back on August 24th SAP Communities Meeting and we asked all our questions.  SAP has been working hard to pull together all the answer to the questions asked on that call and they are now published here.  Also  Summit Utilities went live with RISE as well as six other utilities announcing their RISE direction.  AES is presenting (See above) on 11/21 an update on their RISE ISU project.   We will also have a follow up on Utility Core which is value added option on top of RISE.   We will also cover additional features of RISE, for example  Signavio Started Pack with prebuilt utility content.    ​Folder icon SAPS4_RISE  Q&A Answered Here.


ASUG Task Force – Certain decisions we make with technology expand the options for Customer Service. This hot topic discussion centers around the SAP S/4HANA decision and how they influence the choices for Customer Service. Join Kristina McClenahan from Puget Sound Energy who will host Alejandro Reyes from AES who will provide insights into their go-live on RISE with SAP S/4HANA on Google Cloud Platform for 3 main frame CIS conversations.

Join the session on November 21, 2022 at 2:30 pm ET (ASUG membership required)


SAP Utilities Community – SAP presents Field Service Management (FSM) and Service/Asset Manager – 11/29 – Invite is out to everyone previously interested.  Let us know if you wish to attend if it’s not already on your calendar.  Field Service Management (FSM) presentation  as well as  roadmap updates for Work Manager moving to Service management & Asset Manager with support through 2027. We will also have an existing FSM customer VINCI Energies to talk about how the support works from SAP as support of the cloud based product is key to our success.    We now have multiple utilities moving forward with FSM projects including two going live in November. Summit Utilities is live on FSM this month.   Also if you missed it TECO Peoples Gas did a great presentation on their SAP FSM implementation at the SAP Utility Partner Week on Day 4.  The agenda for 11/29 is as follows (If it is not already on your calendar let us know):
*       Introductions
*       SAP Field Service Management and Mobile
– Utilities Strategy
– Field Service Management
– Service and Asset Manager

*     – TECO/Summit Updates
*       Customer Presentation – VINCI Energies
*       Roadmap, and Summary
*       Question/Answer

CX User Group

   Southern California Edison hosted the Joint Utility Forum – SAP Innovation/Improvement Ideas meeting.   Fourteen different utilities from both US and Canada attended this effort to bring the CX aka Sales/Service customers together around the features and functions they would like to see implemented in the ongoing Continual Improvement lifecycle for the product.  This joint effort to leverage  and vote for shared improvements is a huge win/win for both SAP and Utilities to focus improvement where and when we need it leveraging our existing support dollars.

-So Cal Gas


-Southwest Gas

-So Cal Gas

-Puget Sound Energy




-Summit Utilities



-Liberty Utility

-BC Hydro

-Sask Energy


SEW User group

SEW User Group run by Sempra presented the groups enhancement requests to SEW & SAP .   The group has been meeting monthly to pull together all the SEW customer user requests into a consolidated list.   If you are an existing SEW customers and not part of the group, please reach out and we will get you connected.


SAP Utility Partner Week

Great presentations from multiple SIs on their successful implementations of S/4 and SAP FSM.  If you miss it, they are all available online and well worth the time hearing from our SAP SI community and their utility customers who have successfully implemented key initiatives.


SAP Utility Business Suite on HANA Utilities – S/4 Planning  – 11/15 –  Invite is out to the 12 Business Suite on HANA utilities – To discuss our migration business cases and how being an early adopter on HANA will help make the move to S/4 easier.  If you are BSoH and would like to attend, please let us know.



I hope everyone is working to network and stay connected to support each other as we manage the ever increasing pace of change in our SAP Utility Community.





P.S.  We are posting previous newsletters here

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